Welcome to Your Sensual Sanctuary

About Us

Shakti Gardens is your Tantric Gateway to healing of mind, body and spirit! We are based in a quiet suburb of Roosevelt Park Johannesburg South Africa, we have a private garden studio and a larger venue room for teachings and workshops. Everyone is a unique temple and thus treated with dignity and respect. For us it is a blessing to share our knowledge in massage and Tantric philosophy. We provide a safe secure venue for transformation, healing as well as restoring sexual energy in a manner that will honor mind, body and spirit.

A large portion of our work deals with energies  in the body and restoring them. According to Mantak Chia, “Ching” is our  sexual energy, our creative energy, our generative energy. It is also referred to as the “principal energy” - all other energies in the  body are dependent on Ching. Restoring this energy restores your lost libido, and releases blockages that have stifled your sexuality and sensuality and can lead to greater fulfillment and more intense orgasms. We break down these blockages brought about through modern day stress and anxiety through a combination of hands-on healing and energy work.Couples can participate in workshops, to learn the  Art of Sensual Massage, and then adapt this to be part of their lifestyle and their intimacy.  With our Tantric Workshops and Discussion Groups we invite various guest speakers to  talk on this unique and vast topic. We currently  offer classes for Hatha Yoga and host Life Study Art Workshops.For more information feel free to contact us.