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Sunday, November 1, 2009

FORA - Friends of Rescued Animals

Hi all,

Attached is an ad from FORA for their fundraiser scheduled at Walkhaven on Saturday 21 November 2009.

As you may have heard FORA have to vacate their property by December this year and are desperately trying to raise R3,5 million to buy their own property to house the 600 dogs and 200 cats that they look after (see their appeal below for full details). They are therefore appealing for help for donations and the like.

Vivienne Jones of FORA had a really great idea: She thought it would be wonderful for the public to have a head, neck and shoulders massage while their pets have Reiki. I am writing to you to see if some of you would be interested in offering Reiki to the animals at their fundraiser at Walkhaven on 21 November. The cost to the public could either be fully or partly donated by the practitioner to FORA. We’re still trying to get more details, eg. if we offer Reiki there we would require a secluded area where we can work, the type of stalls they are planning, etc.

If you know of others who practice Reiki, please could you forward this to them as well. We’re obviously also working on getting some therapists together to do massage on the animals’ caretakers and if you have anyone in mind, again please forward.

Please would you think about it in light of the genuine need at this no-kill shelter. If you are interested, please contact me and I’ll advise Vivienne Jones.




Property Sold

FORA managers from the pro-life animal rescue centre with three of the 600 dogs

and 200 cats who will be homeless if R3.5m and a new property cannot be found by Christmas.

From left: Breggie van Loggenberg, Shelter Manager for Friends of Rescued Animals;

Betty Lynch, Cat Shelter Manager and Daniel Maluleke, Kennel Manager.


MEDIA RELEASE 21 September 2009



Pro-life animal rescue centre FORA needs R3.5m and must find a new property by Christmas for 600 dogs and 200 cats after the sale of the Roodepoort property leased to founder Marlene de Beer six years ago by benefactor Bill Joffe in memory of his wife Francis Petlyn.

“We are definitely not closing, we are relocating, just as soon as we raise enough funds and finalise the right property”, says Breggie van Loggenberg, FORA manager since the death of Marlene de Beer from cancer in 2005.

Several possible properties have been identified but the amount of R3.5 million is desperately needed to finalise a new home.

FORA has helped animals and animal-lovers across Gauteng and as far afield as Pretoria, Durban and Cape Town, becoming known for their willingness to go the extra mile and take in any needy creature, even incurring medical costs to heal a sick animal when the bank account is empty.

“We receive wonderful support from the community and businesses, but no funding from government. We rely on faith a lot of the time and, although we witness tragedy and suffering, we also experience miracles and the daily joy of helping and homing rescued animals”, says Breggie.

Although finding R3.5 million and the right property in a few short months will be FORA’s greatest leap of faith to date, the organisation has already raised R100 000 in the first three days.

“We have helped thousands of animals and people in six successful years on this property and if just 3 000 people give us R1 000 each and 5 000 people give us R100 each, we will have reached our target,” she says.

“We will be deeply grateful for any help, even the smallest donation of money or materials,” she continued.

FORA will hold an Open Day on Saturday 3 October from 12 noon at their present property below Westgate and invites their many friends and supporters to join them and pledge whatever support they can.

Pledges and donations can also be made by

· making a deposit into FORA’s bank account – (reference : your surname + Property)

Nedbank (Florida branch 190541), Account nr 190515 1209

· emailing

· calling Breggie 082 336 5568, Gaynor 083 700 9330 or Vivienne 082 852 6749

Further information is available on the website :



· FORA is a registered Non Profit Organisation

· FORA is a no kill shelter operating behind Westgate in Roodepoort on the West Rand

· FORA takes in rescued, abandoned and lost dogs and cats, offering them a safe haven to live out their lives if they do not find new homes or are not reclaimed by their original owners.

· The enclosures and runs have adequate space for the dogs and cats to lead comfortable lives and they are regularly exercised.

· They are supplied daily with food, clean water and their enclosures are cleaned every day.

· All animals are sterilised, inoculated and dewormed while at the shelter and medical treatment is available for any who are injured or sick.

· Dogs and cats who have been traumatised are rehabilitated

· Strict home-checks are done before animals can be adopted.

· FORA has been established on the Roodepoort property for over six years as part of a ten year lease - except in the event of sale of the property, when the notice period is 3 months. This land was granted by benefactor Mr Bill Joffe (now sadly deceased) in memory of his wife Francis Petlyn

· FORA must raise at least R3 million for a new property + an estimated R500 000 for relocation/setup costs

· Interestingly, the notice of sale of the property was received on 17 September 2009, the fourth anniversary of the death of FORA founder Marlene de Beer.

Physical Address: (Below Westgate) Postal Address: Gaynor:083 700 9330

The Francis Petlyn Park, P O Box 3150 Breggie:082 336 5568

cnr Wilgespruit &Main Reef Rds, Wilropark Vivienne: 082 852 6749

Roodepoort Ronell: 072 398 8165

Website :

Bank a/c : NEDBANK Florida branch190541 Account 1905 151 209