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shaktigardens is a venue in Johannesburg South Africa with events and therapies to honour and encourage the Goddess in all women.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Sensual Healing Massages

At Shakti Gardens we offer a wide range of healing options!

Currently we offer these options to men and women.

Don Dreaming Eagle offers the traditional healing modalities as well as specializing in Tantric healing work for women, to help them get in touch with their inner Goddess, to help them release repressed emotions and repressed sexuality. This is done through Tantric Sensual Healing Massage, Tantric Sexual Energy Healing Massage, or Taoist Sexual Energy Healing Massage. It is a gentle nurturing process in which he brings about balance in mind, body and spirit before attempting to work with the meridians and sexual energies in the body. Included in this process is Hot Stone Therapy and Chakra Balancing. Many will experience an emotional release when having this healing. Many will leave feeling free, and uplifted, some might experience a profound shift in their conciousness and with their own energies, as well as realise that their libido has been restored and that they have begun to release their Goddess power. For clients not seeking Tantric or Taoist modalities, they can choose to have Swedish Massage, or Indian head & Shoulder Massage.

Sherry, who is a Reiki Master, offers Taoist Sensual Healing Massage to our male clientelle. This is a genuine healing process and not to be confused with what is offered at various "massage parlors", not to be confused with "sexy massage". Her work combines the gentleness of Reiki with taoist massage, to raise the energies in the body, to bring about balance in mind, body and spirit, and in some cases with raise the libido.

Sh'kina Moondancer is a Dakini from the Advait Tantra School. Her work in healing differs somewhat in that she will utilise massage, as well as counselling and teaching for seekers of Tantra. Therefore her sessions do take much longer than traditional massage sessions. She will gently lead you into a state of bliss, create new awareness of yourself and your energies as well as bring in teachings to assist you with the changes you experience.

Please note that what we offer is NOT a "sexy" massage, not does this mean "pelvic release", if that is the type of work you seek and desire, then Shakti Gardens is not the right venue for you. If it is healing you seek, a re-awakening of energies, a change in your mind-set, then please speak to us. We offer a genuine caring healing work, we do not cater for "thrill seekers", but will gladly welcome those who are genuine seekers of healing!

Be blessed
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