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Firstly what is Tantra? In our westernised society we have focussed mainly on the sexual aspect of Tantra, but it is more than this, it is a journey of which sex is just a small part of this exciting path. Tantra teaches us to embrace life and its pleasures, to encompass all forms of beauty, sensitivity, ecstacy and excitement, by any means such as eating, drinking, to experience bodily pleasures such as massage, or by utilizing movement and dance. It celebrates all known pleasures and also quiet meditative reflection.

This is not a belief system, nor is it a faith or church, but a way of enjoying life, embracing the dance of life. Following this path will help you come to terms with yourself, your needs and your desires, it will open up a deeper understanding of your partner. All that we have mentioned so far are celebrated rather than repressed. Through experiencing and delighting in the pleasures of the body, the body becomes a temple in which you experience the sacred, and thus it becomes a doorway to a spiritual evolution.

Tantra teaches that everything is connected, and interwoven, we are just a small part of this universal reality, and we all need to embrace our new experiences, as well as different practices, and thus, this will enable us to grow spiritually, and our aim is to achieve an experience with the Divine. Our sex, our sexuality and sensuality are all gifts from God. The sexual act is a reminder of our unity in the Divine, we need to embrace this with mind, body and spirit.

A loose definition of the Sanskrit word "Tantra" is "web", or a union of opposites. Sanskrit is the sacred language of Hinduism. The root word "tan" can be translated as such: "to extend, expand, spread, continue, spin out, weave; to put forth, show or manifest". Tantric practice unifies the many contradictory aspects of the self, the masculine and feminine, spirit and matter, dark and light into a harmonious whole.

Some of us have experienced moments in love where boundaries dissolve, all worldly things around us disappear and we become one one and all of existence, and unity with the Divine!

For too long in the West we have repressed sexual desire and intimacy, and only recently have we begun to tap into ancient teachings such as Tantra to help us break the mould and step forth bravely to encounter pleasures and a taste of the Divine. Sexual energy is the source of life according to some older cultures, and they taught very sophisticated lovemaking skills.

And it is with knowledge and respect for Tantra that we at Shakti Gardens wish to take you on a journey of self-healing, and exploration, as you develop a new understanding of your sexuality and as you embrace life and its pleasures. We wish to create a deepening connection and intimacy between two loving beings and a way of exploring natural altered states such as Expanded Full Body Orgasms!.


Tantric Sensual Healing Massage

Many people are negatively affected by modern stress in numerous different ways, one of the most common problems is a lack of libido (which is also caused by being "on the pill" for too long). By utilizing various healing modalities, libido can be restored, sometimes within the first session. Using a combination of Tantric Healing Massage along with Swedish Massage, Crystal Grids and Chakra Balancing, Don has developed a technique which will bring about harmony to mind, body and spirit, and allow the natural flow of sensual energies within the body. This creates a new awareness and experience for the client, making them more aware of their needs and desires, awakening them to a new energy shift and healing. There is some gentle stimulation on the Base Chakra, the lower belly and on the coccyx. Clients are also encouraged to focus on meditation, visualization and breath-work, so that they can stimulate a deeper and stronger flow of energy within themselves, to assist in the healing process of reclaiming their sensuality.

This healing modality takes longer than the usual 90minutes and clients must be prepared to receive healing that could take up to 2 hours. Some prefer to start their healing process with this treatment before embarking on the Tantric Sexual Energy Massage. As it is a full body massage, it is recommended that the client be unclothed when receiving this, and there should be no hindrances when the healing takes place.



Tantric Sexual Energy Massage

Tantric Sexual Energy Massage will take you into a deeper sexual and sensual healing when compared to the Tantric Sensual Healing Massage. It is a ritual of receiving and raising sexual energy - Kundalini. It is a gentle nurturing and an awakening for the Goddess when she receives this work, no goals are set, the aim is not orgasm, but to live in the moment, to surrender into bliss and enjoy what is being offered to you through the healing process. It teaches you to set aside fantasies, to focus on the healing, to feel your body awaken and become re-energized as it is touched, and as your skin becomes aroused, you experience all this, you will feel alive, aroused and energized.

This is an honouring, loving full body massage, in which every part of the body is explored and healed. The healing work is often done on the floor, so that clients can feel that they more connected to the earth's energies, and this helps to boost their own. To create a deeper shift of energies, a lot of focus is placed on the Base Chakra, as well as the Sacral and Heart Chakra. With the move of energies and use of visualization and breathwork, the Goddess will feel a strong awakening and arousal within the untapped depths of her body and spirit. Feelings of repressed sexuality, sexual desires as well as being inhibited can be treated and healed through this modality. You will emerge with a new found confidence and understanding of yourself. We came into this life through a sexual act, and thus we need to embrace and celebrate our sexuality, by experiencing healing and bodily pleasures such as touch and massage. All the receiver has to do is just relax into the moment and enjoy the healing, the energy shifts, and to breathe deep circular breaths to help move the sexual Kundalini energies through the entire body.

Sacred Yoni Massage can be offered as part of this healing process. It must also be remembered that the breasts are the seat of a woman's sexuality, and need to be honoured and revered before any other part of the body opens up to healing. The healer will place his hands over her breasts and Heart Chakra to exchange energies and begin the healing process. From there he will then awaken the Sacral Chakra in her belly before moving to the Base Chakra and massage just on and around her pelvic bone. Yoni Massage will not be offered at this point, as the focus at this stage will be to make sensual and sexual energies rise. These will do so during the course of the healing, and the Goddess needs to experience these energy waves enveloping her being and then she learns to ride them while celebrating the fact that she is sensually alive! After much healing work, she will become more relaxed and open for other experiences, at this stage, she will be humbly asked by the healer if she would like to proceed and surrender into the blissful ceremony of the Sacred Yoni Massage.

The massage will come to its natural conclusion, sexual energies will be intense, yet nurturing, a sense of calm and wellbeing will prevail, and a new inner beauty will emerge from the depths of her spirit.



Tantric Sexual Energy and Sacred Yoni Massage

Yoni is a Sanskrit word for the vagina, and has different meanings such as "Gateway to Pleasure", "Sacred Temple", "Sacred Space", "Divine Passage" and "Temple of Delight". In Tantric teachings the Yoni is respected and revered. Yoni Massage is a gentle healing process in which fears, past hurts and abuse can be addressed and healed. The Yoni holds past memories of hurt and shame, these can be embraced and transformed through the healing process, while allowing the Yoni to receive pleasure and healing. It is part and parcel of Tantric Healing and can be combined with either of the two Tantric Massages already mentioned. Yoni Massage is a sacred ritual, done with the utmost respect for the healing process, and it is a gift of unconditional love!

To begin, a safe warm space, or nest is created for the Goddess who wishes to receive this healing. She will feel warm, safe and secure, protected from any outside influences and distractions, a place where she can lie in comfort. If she so wishes, she may receive a brief cleansing ceremony, some emotional cleansing and energy awakening through breathwork. Before any bodywork is started, the practice of the Yoni Massage and its wonderful nurturing will be discussed in detail. Yoni Massage can be an ecstatic sensual experience, even a challenging emotional releasing experience, and a new awakening. Do not have expectations, just have an open willing heart to receive!

At some stage of the healing process after much bodywork and massage, and creating a sense of well-being and harmony, will the healer then ask of the Goddess if she would like to proceed and surrender into the blissful ceremony of the Yoni Massage. She must want this, she must want to experience the healing power, the rejuvenation and cleansing of the past. It will allow her to understand her body more deeply, to feel wanted and desireable, and to create a deeper sense of self-confidence. Intense healing and self-awareness takes place as he rests his hand over her Sacred Temple, she will feel a level of openness, ecstatic bliss and pure joy. This is a ritual of honouring and healing, not arousal and teasing, it is done in a manner of great respect, wonder, and admiration for her "Divine Passage". Although orgasm is not the aim of this healing, it could create an opportunity for her to explore further and thus delve into the wonders of the Expanded Full Body Orgasm! This in turn will then create for her a wonderful feelings of altered conscious states and deeper connection to the Divine as she explores this natural high. An extremely strong energy shift and flow will possess her body and she will will be energized from her legs through to her Crown Chakra. Many women have embraced the gift which releases Amrita, the Sacred Feminine Waters, as well as the other gifts of Multiple, Clitoral, Vaginal, and G-spot Orgasms. Yoni Massage is a deeply relaxing healing modality, it gently transforms the Goddess as she develops deeper feelings of self-worth, she becomes a more sensual and sexually confident, and she embraces all of this much deeper than before. She begins a journey of releasing old fears, embraces a new sense of connecting to Divinity. It is a liberating, sensuous, joyous freedom!


Dual Energy Massage

Recently at Shakti Gardens we introduced the Dual Energy Tantric Massage. This is a deeply moving and intense sensual experience. This is no ordinary massage, and what sets it apart from other healing massages is that you will receive a full body sensual healing massage from two Tantric Healers. They work together in unison to bring about a complete balance to mind, body and spirit, as well as awakening the Kundalini energies. As this is a sensual healing massage, you will need to be Skyclad so that no clothing or towels could impede the flow of the healing process. You may also request that the healers be Skyclad as well.

The healing process begins with simple breathwork to awaken energies and to settle the mind and body. Once this is achieved, you then receive gentle Chakra Balancing before any other bodywork is introduced. The healers always work in tandem, almost mirroring each other's movements. It is absolute pure indulgence, if there was ever a time when you needed to surrender into Bliss, and feel like a Goddess, then this is the time and place for it!

There is a specific sequence that needs to be followed when beginning with the back, the healers will work simultaneously on both sides of the body with upward and outward movements, as well as implementing full body sweeping movements from the shoulders to the legs and back up again. The style is very similar to Polynesian or Lomi-Lomi (Kahuna) Massage. After this gentle and nurturing introduction to the bodywork, one healer will then massage the feet and legs while the other works on the shoulders, down the back and along the sides of the torso. Sometimes the flow of this work creates a major energy shift, as well as a new awakening and deeper self-realization of the sensual and sexual energies that reside within our Divinely inspired Temples. The receiver will feel a deep stirring of their Chakras being aroused. At times the healers will work up the body in unison, so that their healing embraces the full spectrum of energy shifts and bodywork, which includes the feet through to the shoulders, and back down again, in long, fluid, sweeping movements.

Once the back and the legs have received massage and stimulation, and balancing of the Chakras is accomplished, only then does the receiver turn over for the completion of this wonderful embrace of Dual Energy Massage. When working on the front of the body, the sequence will be similar to what was offered while working on the back. Chakras are balanced, calming breathwork introduced, and only then is the physical healing offered. The massage begins on the Sacral Chakra, working outwards in cicular movements, then up towards the chest and down to the pelvic bone. After the Sacral is awakened, only then will the healers move either to the head or to the feet. As one massages the feet and up the legs, over the thighs and back down, the other will massage from the chest down the belly and back up along the sides of the body. Much of the healing work is focussed on the thighs and lower belly, this is to awaken and stimulate the Base Chakra which in turn then stimulates and awakens the Sacral. At this point, Sacred Yoni Massage can be introduced with the receiver's permission, should she wish to experience this gentle nurturing healing process.

This healing modality is only offered by special appointment only, we would request that you first call or write to us, explaining your specific needs, and your availabilty for this healing process. Only then can we confirm our availability to receive you and begin this unique deeply healing experience.


Tantra Glossary

Amrita - often referred to in texts as nectar or ambrosia, Amrita is the feminine equivalent for ejaculate

Asanas - sitting down body positions, typically associated with the practice of Yoga, intended primarily to restore and maintain a practitioner's well-being, improve the body's flexibility and vitality, and promote the ability to remain in seated meditation for extended periods.

Bursting of the clouds - orgasm

Cunnilingus - oral sex performed on a woman in which the Jade Pearl is aroused with the tongue

Daka - Sanskrit name for a highly trained male who helps arouse females into a blissful sexual energy, someone who assist others in learning Tantric practices. This male healer embodies Shiva energy, serves Shakti unconditionally, and is considered a priest as he is well versed in many disciplines, including healing, yoga, sexuality, philosophy, psychology and metaphysics.

Dakini - Sanskrit name meaning Sky Dancer - an Indian Tantric priestess. The female equivalent of the Daka.


Fellatio - oral sex performed on a man in which his Lingam is aroused by using the mouth and tongue

G-Spot - an area which is super sensitive to some females and is found on the upper front wall of the Yoni, slightly rough in texture

Heavenly Dragon Stem - penis

Holding the space - contributing your positive energy to whatever is happening at that moment to make the environment or people feel safe

Inner flute - a clear breathing pathway through the energy centers of the body, so that the air travelling through the body makes a flute like sound

Jade Pavillion - vulva

Jade Pearl - clitoris

Jade Stalk - penis

Kama Sutra - the old Indian texts referring to sex, sexuality and relationships

Kegel Excercises - named after Dr Arnold Kegel, these excercises help strengthen the "PC" muscle (pubococcygeal muscle) which can be squeezed repeatedly to arouse energy flow

Kundalini - Sanskrit name meaning coiled up - an Indian term for dormant energy within our body, resting at the base of our spine, and can be moved or awakened through different practices such as yoga or meditation, often depicted as a coiled snake

Libido - an individual's sex drive or energy


Lingam - penis

Maithuna - and elaborate Tantric ritual with many ceremonial steps, usually culminating in some form of sacred sexual union

Mandalas - a geometric symbol, sometimes used to focus on during meditation

Mantra - recitations of words, phrases, or sacred Sanskrit syllables used in practicing meditations

Meditations - concentration that stills the mind to allow pure energy to exist without interference of thoughts and emotions

Meridians - these are energy lines running through the body, also known as Qi and is founded in the teachings of ancient Chinese medicine. Disruptions to this energy flow (or Qi flow) can manifest physical or emotional illness. Blockages or disruptions to Qi can be released through acupuncture, massage, herbal medicine or meditation

Mudra - sacred hand gestures to focus the body's energy with intention

Nadis - subtle nerve channels related to physical body and energy healing

Neo-Tantric - Western Sexual practice based on a blending of Tantra, Taoist and other philosophical and therapeutic lineages


Nirvana - highest state of bliss

Perineum - the sensitive area between the genitals and the anus

Pubococcygeal (PC) Muscle - when stopping the flow of urine this muscle is used (or squeezed) it helps control the tone and condition of the vagina, anus and penis. When squeezed repeatedly it can raise energies from the Base Chakra

Open Lotus Flower - the Life Force or Spiritual Energy that is common to all living creatures, can also refer to the Yoni

Prana - energy, breath and life force that is generated in the body by nurturing, healing, physical and mental practices, healthy eating and devotion to self-transformation and enlightenment

Puja - a specific ritual, or sacred circle of worship, performed by a group of people

Qi Gong - Chinese meaning Energy Cultivation

Sacred Sex - an overalll term used for practices that use sexual activity for spiritual development, enlightenment and for connecting to the Divine

Sanskrit - the ancient sacred Hindu language in which most religious texts were writen - it means perfect or complete

Sannyasin - The sannyasin lives without possessions, practises yoga meditation or devotional meditation with prayers. It is considered the topmost and final stage of the varna and ashram systems and is traditionally taken by men at or beyond the age of fifty years old, or by young monks who wish to dedicate their entire life towards spiritual pursuits. One within the sanyass order is known as a sannyasi or sannyasin


Satsang - the company of the "highest truth", the company of a guru, and company with an assembly of persons who listen to, talk about, and assimilate the truth. This typically involves listening to, reflecting on, or reading scriptures, discussing and assimilating their meanings, and meditating on the source of these words, bringing their meaning into our daily life. Contemporary Satsang teachers in the West - frequently coming from the Advaita Vedanta tradition - sometimes mix traditional Eastern knowledge with methods of modern psychology. During a satsang with a master, students are likely to ask questions. Satsangs also may contain elements like lectures, meditations, singing and recitations.

Sexual Healing - an experience in which a healer facilitates and makes use of different healing modalities with a receiver in a session where sexual and sensual energy is aroused and expressed for the person's higher good

Sexual Qi - a powerful form of Qi generated by sexual activity


Shakti - a name used to refer to the ultimate energy created by the force of the feminine and any woman as a Goddess. Also the name of a Hindu deity who represents the divine lover who unites with Lord Shiva for blissfull conciousness Shakti represents the active, dynamic principles of feminine power.

Shiva - a name used to refer to any man as the ultimate representation of male energy. Also the cosmic masculine force worshipped in Tantric ptactices and manifested in many forms, who unites with Shakti for blissful conciousness

Shiva/Shakti Mudra - and excercise of bringing energy up from the earth (source of feminine Shakti energy) into the heart area and bringing it down from the sky (the source of the male Shiva energy) into the heart area

Shiva's Spear - penis

Shushumma - the central energy channel visualized as a tube of light down the spine

Small Orbit - a Taoist internal practice of circulating Qi through the body using mental visualization

Tantra - Sanskrit word meaning sacred teachings and practices that lead to higher states of bliss and enlightenment. A mystical and spiritual system that combines philosophy, psychology and cosmology and transmutes energy to achieve balance between opposites and the intergration and evolution of mind, body and spirit. It is characterized by an honoring of the goddess uniting with god energy, can also be described as Indian sexual practices used for spiritual self-development

Tantric Sex Master - a person trained in Tantric Sex Practices who can teach others on the path


Tantric Temple - your body, in which the sacred act of giving and receiving pleasure for yourself and your partner, also any place where you engage in Tantric lovemaking

Tantrika - a skilled practitioner of Tantric teachings, practised in moving sexual energy to reach higher states of bliss and conciousness for her partner and herself

Tao - Chinese word meaning "The Way" or "The Path'

Vajra - penis

Yantra - mystic geometrical diagram used in healing meditation

Yogi/Yogini - Sanskrit name referring to Devas and Devis or spiritual beings as well as those males and females who engage in yoga practices

Yoni - vagina




"Drop all masks. Be true.
Reveal your whole heart.
Be nude...
Whatsoever arises in your heart should remain transparent to
your beloved..."

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